For your aging parent, driving can leave them feeling confused, frightened or unable to negotiate the high volume of traffic entering and exiting parking lots. Aging parents may miss important doctor’s appointments versus placing a burden on their children by asking for a ride. Transportation is crucial to ensure access to essential services such as medical care and grocery shopping. The availability of adequate transportation enables older persons to live independently in their communities, helps to prevent isolation and the possible need for long-term care placement. Many older people, who do not drive, must rely on family and friends to provide much of the transportation. But for others, it is necessary to find community resources to provide transportation, as this vital support service may be their only connection to the outside world. Not only do we provide transportation but, our caregivers can even run errands–while your loved one enjoys time in the garden or relaxes while reading a good book.

Finding transportation can be challenging when your loved one needs help with driving to doctor appointments, shopping trips to the grocery, pharmacy and other local errands. It is often difficult for well-meaning but busy families with demanding schedules to find time to transport their elderly parents. Therefore, it is essential to find an alternative solution for transporting loved ones who are no longer able to drive themselves. As part of our companion and personal care services, Caring Hearts Agency, Inc. can provide transportation services, accompanied by a fully screened and trained caregiver, to safely get your loved one to and from:

  • Doctor or therapy appointments, including disability assistance throughout the trip
  • Hospital or outpatient facility
  • Prescription pick-up, grocery shopping, and other errands
  • Visits with friends, relatives, social and religious functions, Entertainment events

Our specially trained, bonded, and insured caregivers can transport in their vehicle or your loved one’s vehicle (conditions apply). We will assist your loved one to the vehicle and accompany them during every moment of their trip, with safety and well-being as our number one priority. When your loved one’s trip is complete, we will get them back to their home and settled in.

Caring Hearts Agency, Inc. is available to transport your loved one to and from doctors' appointments, grocery stores, to assist with shopping, cooking, and much more. Caring Hearts Agency, Inc. recognizes the power of a more positive outlook on life through socialization, communication, and fun activities. Caregivers are available to take your loved one wherever they wish to go, including to parks, shopping, visiting friends and family, community centers activities, religious services and much more. Not only will Caring Hearts Agency, Inc. assist with transportation but, our caregivers provide companionship, conversation and socialization. Caring Hearts Agency, Inc. caregivers can connect your loved one with others within the community and help them participate in community programs, classes, workshops, events and much more, where they can interact with others with whom they can relate. Research has proven that seniors who remain involved socially live healthier, happier lives. With transportation services from Caring Hearts Agency, Inc., your loved one can stay connected even when they lose the ability to drive.

Caring Hearts Agency, Inc. offers concierge services which are tailored to providing a comfortable experience for an elder to attend an event or even travel long-distance to see family members. Our special senior concierge services are designed to help elderly clients attend favorite activities, family events and even assist with event planning and coordination. If you or someone you know would like to continue enjoying favorite activities and living a quality life despite illness or frailty, give us a call today!